Look no further to have your own investment property right in your own back yard…

We are not just building rental properties. We are building dreams.

How It Works

How can my home generate income?

Creating a second living space and renting this out allows your property to generate and income. Use our ROI Calculator and see the income potential for your ADU.

What is an ADU?

Simply put an ADU is a second living space on your property. They have been around for years as basement apartment, garage apartment, mother in law suite etc.

How Are Others Having ADU Success?

An ADU can serve to support changing family, financial and community challenges. This is an example of how over time a single family’s ADU assisted them with the changes of life.

What Types of ADUs Are Offered?

Take a tour of the five models that have been designed to meet your dreams.

Why us?

Proven Experience

Having experienced the challenges of implementing a successful ADU plan, our team simplifies the path to putting an ADU on your property and create a harmonious transition of this change into your home living lifestyle. We know your plans include more than just building an ADU. They include long term plans like rental management, business plan, retirement plans and much more. We bring to the table expert partners who can assist you with the long term success of your ADU.


Great decisions are based upon in-depth knowledge. You make the decisions! Our job is to provide the information you deserve to make great decisions that will benefit you and your family’s plans for your future. You are making an investment. You want a positive return on that investment. Our job is to help you get the information you seek and deserve to make a great investment decision.


Our ADU models are competitively priced. They are specifically designed to meet a price point and living functionality that will create a positive return on your ADU investment. Compare our price/return on investment with other ADU providers and models. If your ADU can’t pay for its self in less that 20 years and maintain a positive cash flow out of the gate, don’t make the investment!

Great Support

Our team of experts is available for you to use in creating your personal success story with your ADU plans. I live in a bank brings in-depth knowledge and support through key partners with individual expertise together to offer you a holistic service for all your ADU questions and plans, now and in your future.

Take time to look at our partner’s page and the insights that are offered to assist you with your long term success.