ADU-1G | 650 sqft | $136,000*

Single Bedroom Above Garage

ADU-1G is a detached Garage/ADU apartment with 650 sqft of living space ona 25ft x 30ft footprint. The ADU-1G is a one-bedroom, one full bathroom with an open living, dining and kitchen area built on top a spacious two-car garage. This creates a secondary living space without compromising covered parking for you and your family.

The price to construct this detached dwelling is $116,000* for the apartment and garage. Installation costs vary based upon the lot and home conditions.

Clearing the site, excavation for footings and foundation, landscaping, along with utility connections of power, sewer, water, and electricity to the existing home are estimated after an onsite inspection and review of the property is made. As a guide, installation costs run approximately $15,000* – $20,000*.

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  • 650 sqft living space
  • 25ft x 30ft dimension
  • Large bedroom
  • Full bathroom
  • Open kitchen, dining, and living area
  • Two car garage
  • Covered patio
  • Central heat/AC
  • First year of property management included
  • Base Price: $116,000*
  • *Installation: $20,000*

*This is an estimated cost. An on-site survey is required to provide the final installation cost. Published prices are subject to change.